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Lava Hikes in Hawaii to See Lava

Guided Hawaii Lava Tours on the Big Island

Current Hawaii Lava Hike Update РLava flowing from the east rift zone, the Pu`u `O`o vent continued feeding lava flows. More info available on current Kilauea Volcano updates on Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks USGS website.

Extreme Lava Hikes in Hawaii offer Great Surface lava flow action right now, safely get a personal up close view of lava. How close, as close as your body can handle? If you can’t feel the heat you weren’t close enough.
Recent photo updates available here

Lava Hike Adventure to see Lava in Hawaii below

General Information
Schedule: Hawaii lava hikes depart near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in Volcano
Tour Rating: Advanced; guests need to be at least 12 years old and in excellent physical condition.
Group Size:Small groups under 8 per tour
Restrictions: Guests need to be able to hike on uneven rocky & muddy terrain for an extended amount of time. 12-14 mile hike
What to Bring & Wear: Lunch Sandwich, Snacks, Comfortable Hiking shoes(sneakers or hiking boots), 2 pairs of long socks, long pants suggested, a sleeved shirt, light jacket, hat. Bring a spare change of clothes for after tour will get muddy.
Lava Hikes in Hawaii at this time are an extreme hike over rough lava terrain, muddy jungle conditions, over lava cracks, under fallen trees, and can include hiking up steep trail grades. We do not recommend this tour for children under 12 years of age, those with recent leg or foot injuries, or any other health problems that may be aggravated by a rigorous hiking please consult your doctor before booking. Our lava hikes cover a vast amount of terrain anywhere from 12-14 miles per trip, call for recent conditions.
Lava Hikes walk you to See Lava on the Big Island of Hawaii flowing from Volcano Kilauea.

Lava Hiking Tours walk you up close to the molten lava!

Full Description
Join us on this Big Island real lava adventure in Hawaii to visit Madame Pele’s rivers of fire. Walk over recent lava flows and feel the heat as our volcano guides lead you to experience the ever changing lava flows from the Kilauea Volcano. Feel the heat under your feet, hear the crackling of the lava while keeping an eye out for surface outbreaks. This is an experience you don’t want to miss!

4 Responses to Lava Hikes in Hawaii to See Lava

  1. randy gay

    I am very interested in doing this hike. I would like to know if we are near the flow in the early evening / late afternoon – making it easier to see and photograph the hot lava?

    I will be on the big island in late March of 2012.

  2. Lynn

    Given the length of time it’s taken for this march eruption to get so close to the ocean— about how long would it be yet before it actually enters the ocean?

  3. Shane

    There is no way to predict the ocean entry of the lava its up to Pele the volcano Goddess!!! If she tells you please let me know too…

  4. kay

    I just did the hike and would recommend the 4am hike if you can wake up that early. A little scarier walking out in the dark, but as long as you’re careful and don’t rush, you’ll be fine. Helicopters start around 8am and are really loud and annoying. If you go at 4, you will also get a nice view of the sunrise. Harder to see the glow of the lava the sunnier it is.

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