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Lava Boat Tours

Lava Boat Tours NOW OPERATING come see LAVA TODAY!

Your front row seat to feel the heat awaits you on the premiere lava boats “Lavaone” & “Lavakai.”  The only boats specifically designed for lava boat tours offering an exciting cruise that provides you a comfortable & swift ride to the ocean lava viewing of the current 61G eruption going on now.
Experience the Kilauea volcanoes current activity and watch lava flowing into the sea today.
Recent photo updates available here

General Information

Lava Boat Tour Times- (Guests must be 4-75 & under 250lbs.)

  • Cash Adult guests $20 off per person 
  • 10$ off for Kama’aina with local ID
  • 2 hour trips to ocean lava entry

DEPARTS    TRIP             Adult      Junior   

4:30 AM    Sunrise            $220          $145
6:30 AM    Morning          $180          $145
8:30 AM    Morning        $180          $145
10:30 AM  Cruise Ship     $180          $145
12:30 PM    Afternoon       $200           $145

2:30 PM    Afternoon       $200           $145
4:30 PM    Sunset              $250           $220
6:30 PM    Twilight           $250           $220
8:30PM    Twilight            $250          $220

Conditions: High Speed rough water open ocean tours along East Hawaii’s southeast coastline
We Provide: Bottled water, snacks Hawaii Lava Tour to see active lava from a local Big Island Ocean Guide showcasing Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Ocean Life and Hawaii’s active Volcanoes.
Group Size: Tour limited to a maximum of 49 guests.
Restrictions: Guests need to be 4 -75, able to climb a 10 ft ladder. People with any of the following conditions will not be allowed on tour, back issues, weigh under  250 pounds, recent injuries, frailness, obesity, osteoporosis, pregnancies, neck, joint issues.
What to Bring & Wear: All electronics need to have a way to protect from damage: ie zip-lock bags, Dress to get wet, long pants or swim shorts, a sleeved shirt, light jacket, rain poncho are great things to have available on while touring the active Volcano.  Change of clothes to be left in vehicle for after tour most likely you will get wet.

Hawaii Lava Tour Boat LAVAONE watching Lava from Kilauea volcano erupt into the sea!


Hawaii’s Best Lava Tours take you to see Kilauea Volcano in the dark of the night, during the daytime, anytime is a great time to view lava from the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. The  sunrise volcano tours and sunset volcano tours are the premiere Lava Volcano Tours due to the dramatic changes that occur at the dawn and dusk in Hawaii, however anything can happen Kilauea is an active volcano folks.  Even during the daytime hours the volcano is continuously changing permitting unique views and great photo ops of lava flowing into the sea. On the premiere morning lava tours watch in awe as the early morning golden sunlight rays warm the lava covered coastline as the ultimate volcano viewing unfolds right before your eyes (Captains Pick). During the daytime the direct sunlight warms the coastline highlighting the coastline revealing amazing sights of the active ocean entry and amazing coastline. The popular Sunset volcano Tours boat you to see the sunset over Mauna Loa & Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Our experienced crew founded Lava Boat Tours & Volcano Boat Tours around our Sunrise Lava Adventure Tours since they are best volcano viewing, wind, weather  and swell conditions. We offer group lava tours & private volcano tours with seating for up to 49 passengers per tour.
Please expect this Boat Volcano Tour to be the highlight of your Hawaii Vacation, possibly the highlight of a lifetime… Now this is not a powder puff adventure expect the ocean to be rough we cover 40+ miles of rugged inaccessible Big Island coastline during the open ocean tour.
If you’re on the Big Island this is what you came to see Volcano Kilauea! See the Volcanoes National Park coastline, volcanic black sand beaches, lava sea cliffs, lava arches, Sea life, the ever changing Puna Coast, Junglescapes and earth newest lands. While lava’s entering the sea watch in awe as the ocean entry unleashes a lava show of eruptive splatter cones, oozing rivers of lava, crackling A’a lava, underwater upwellings, erupting lava bombs, volcanic steam explosions, and much more As the lava cools witness the aftermath left behind from these powerful lava flows, bench breaks, landslides, new black sand beaches, and geologic formations painted across the rugged seacliffs.

Our boat lava tours regularly experience: lava flowing on the Pali (mountainside), volcanic steam explosions, red rivers of lava, littoral explosions, bench collapses, plume clouds, erupting lava bombs, & ocean entry splatter cones. Explore the islands recent lava flows so fresh forever cooling. The crew all have years of experience at the lava ocean entry & are excited to you show you an unforgettable volcano tour highlighting East Hawaii’s volcanic Puna Coastline.
While the lava’s land based & not entering the sea our guests experience the panoramic view of the ever changing Kilauea eruption. Witness the settling lava benches from recent 2012 volcanic activity. This Big Island boat tour reveals boat only views of Big Island Volcanoes (Kilauea, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa), Volcanic Black Sand Beaches, Unique Lava Tubes, Marine Life, Historic Lavascapes, Lush Junglescapes while cruising along the Historical Kalapana coast filled with scenic beauty.

All passengers need to check in 30 minutes prior to departure time.  Late passengers or no shows will be charged full tour amount with $100 rebooking fee. We have limited seating & do not over book our tours.

*Minimum booking required
**Trips are subject to weather cancellations
All passengers must be from age 4-75 years old and weigh less than 250 pounds, able to climb a 10 ft ladder, no issues with back, neck, or joints including heart problems, osteoporosis, recent injuries, obesity & pregnancy’s are not allowed on tour. If handicapped please consult physician before considering tour and must inform reservationist during booking. Tour this is a psychical demanding tour in rough open ocean waters not a lake like boat ride. Company reserves the right to cancel an passenger at time of tour if captain feels a guest is unfit for tour.

***Our trips are based 100% on nature and natural occurring events. We do not control the lava, unfortunately! Lava Conditions are an ever-changing phenomena & a spectacle to see whether entering the ocean or flowing red rivers of lava down the mountainside.

56 Responses to Lava Boat Tours

  1. rich

    we are coming there on the 3rd of jan. and are staying at the hotel sheraton keauhou bay and would like to take the lava boat tour sunset preferably what would be the best way to do this.

  2. Shane

    Our Big Island Volcano Tours to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park provide round service to see lava flows from the past and present Hawaii Volcano eruptions . Lava Boat Tours to Volcano Kilauea are a seasonal Hilo Attraction that depends on the current eruption status of the volcano. When lava is visible on the pali (mountain) Lava Boat Tours will resume until then join one of our Volcano Boat Tours which are a similar Hawaii Volcano Tour however you travel further into Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to view lava flows frozen in time cascading hundreds of feet to the sea, unique ocean entry lava tubes, landslides/bench breaks, Black Sand Beaches, Surfing at Pohoiki, the aftermath of Kalapana, and a wide array of wildlife which can include, dolphins, flying fish (Malalo), seabirds, and in the winter months Hawaii is home to the Humpback Whales. (Dec-May).

  3. Nandini Sathi

    I booked a tour on the phone today, the 20th of December, for 7 people for the sunset tour on December 23rd; could I please get an email confirmation of this transactio/book? (Apparently it has already been processed on my credit card).
    Nandini Sathi

  4. Shane

    I have found your order and resent the email with direction we also have direction available online HERE.

  5. Tammy Bahil

    Comming feb 1st -4th can we be put on a waiting list for the pm lava boat trip if someone cancells?

  6. G.

    Couldn’t get through by phone, but 2 of us are interested in Lava cruise for Dec. 29 or 30. Have the tours been able to get close enough to see the lava or have they become the “Coastal” tours? We’re hopeful!

    Thanks for getting back to me!

  7. Shane

    All tours have been booked full through the new year 2010

  8. greg

    why do we need a 10 foot ladder? My wife cannot climb that she has knee problem. She can walk but not climb

  9. Shane

    yes all passengers must be able to climb the ladder we board on land so to get in the boat.

  10. PN

    Hi, I am planning an upcoming stay in a Kohala Coast Hotel. What is the closest volcano/lava flow boat tour I can take? Pls let me know. Thanks! Aloha!

  11. Shane

    Were your closest bet at 3 hour drive. The boat ride from Kohala would be 10 hours each way and a rough one at that.

  12. Jason

    Hi. Wondering about availability for 2 guests January 10th or 11th. We went on your lava tour August 2010…….unbelievable experience. Hope to enjoy it agin.

  13. Shane

    Glad to hear your ready to get back out on the boat you can check availability above on the booking widget or give us a call 808.966.4200.

  14. celeste larson

    3 family members interested in Lava sunset/evening boat tour in February. We would be driving from Kona. How soon so we need to make reservations? Thank you.

  15. Steve

    friends recommended we stay on the Kona coastline however it appears your tours and the helicopter tours depart from Hil or that region. am I correct????????

  16. Dennis Patterson

    I am interested in booking two for a sunset cruise in mid February and can be flexible for available days the week of 2/16 to 2/19. Can you advise availability and current lava conditions or expectations? I know this will change, just interested in the current.

  17. Shane

    I prefer the sunrise volcano tours due to the dramatic changes in East Hawaii the occur. Our avaialbility calandar is up to date so you can check exact times and dates each tour at the bottom of the tour page. Make sure to check the check box before submiting. As of now I can accomidate you on various tours during your stay

  18. Shane

    U can book online at anytime to save a couple $$$ but a good rule of thume is 2 weeks in advance to ensure your seats

  19. Shane

    yes the volcano is situated on the Hilo side of the island u may like to book a day or two on our side in a custom B&B

  20. Shane

    We still have a available seat book online or call us direct at 808.966.4200

  21. Shane

    Lava is ever changing so good luck seeing the hot lava only 1/4 of the time over the eruption lava has touched the sea. We offer year round tours out to see the great Kilauea Volcano and all it has done during this 29 year eruption. Yes cruise ship passengers generally rent cars to get out to us were 35 minutes from the town of Hilo. We offer a 2 pm tour on cruise ship days available for up to 24 passengers.

  22. kelly

    We have a group of 5, coming April, and would like to do a Sunset tour on April 6, which shows no availablity. Is this because it is too far out, or does the tour season end?

  23. Shane

    We operate our sunset tours on Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sun no departures on Thursdays 🙂

  24. Pat

    Do you operate the tours all year round? We are coming in June, but your website doesn’t have availability after March 30. We are interested in the Lava Tour.

  25. Karen

    My husband and I would like to take one of your tours. I get sea sick easily. Would I be able to handle thi? If so, what is the best time to take one? We will be on the island end of January 2012.

  26. Shane

    Well the sunrise and morning tours are generally the calmest and best for viewing. Most of our passengers do not get seasick we found that due to the adventurous nature of our tours most passengers do not get sick while in motions its the slow rolling motion that occurs when the boats is slowly moving or sitting rocking back in forth that said you probably will be fine.

  27. Shane

    Yes we operate year round but do the the ever changing events that effect our tours we only book 3 months in advance.

  28. Hope

    My husband and I will be on island and wanted to see if we could bring 8mth old with us in a carrier on my chest?

  29. Shane

    our tours are limited to passengers 4+ due to open ocean conditions

  30. Shane

    Well they are all great tours I recommend the lava boat tour it is the most popular tour in Hilo

  31. PN

    I noticed you mentioned a 2pm departure on certain days. Is this available on all days? How soon do you have to book? Also do you have a later morning departure? besides sunrise and sunset? pls let me know. thanks!

  32. Chuck Mangubat

    we have vacation plans set to be in Kona between April 6-13 and was interested in the 5 pm Lava Tours but your calendar indicates that the whole month of April dates are all blocked off. Does this mean that there are no tours during this period or are we just to early in booking. We are going to be a party of 5-6 people.

  33. Shane

    we book 3 months in advance due to ever changing conditions

  34. Shane

    At the ocean entry we still have a couple glowing lava tube no ocean entry at this time though.

  35. Mary Bradley

    Are you already booked for the sunset tour on April 2nd? I have a group of 5 — thanks, Mary

  36. Shane

    Yes we were part of the Cantore Stories a great time on the water with Jim and crew heres a link to the video

  37. Viral Shah

    Do you have any specials/discounts for the Lava tours? I am hoping to purchase two tickets for August.

  38. Shane

    Our best pricing is available on our website at

  39. Shane

    It would be quite a walk Id suggest hiring a taxi or similar service a car is the best option though

  40. Janet Harrison

    Tried to book sunrise tour for October but your reservations states nothing available. Are you really all booked up already?

  41. Shane

    At this time only sunset tours are available

  42. A.P.

    We are arriving in Oahu on Sep. 29, 2012. How can we arrange to tour the Volcano by boat?

  43. Robert

    Planning to arrive Honalulu 9/3/ would like to book for 1 sunset tour 9/5/12. How far are you from waikiki beach?

  44. Robert

    Planning to arrive Honalullu on 9/3/would like to book for 1 adult for 9/5/12 sunset. How far are you from Waikiki? What would be the tour destination?

  45. Shane

    we are on the Big Island 500 miles away : )

  46. Shane

    best discounts are buy booking online

  47. sarah

    I am interested in taking the sunrise tour. The calendar has no availability for this. Is this tour still being offered?

  48. Hulya

    Hi Shane,
    we wanted to book a sunrise lava tour in November. Are still offering this.

  49. Shantel Mason

    My partner and I are staying at the Sheraton kona resort and spa at keauhou Bay on Sun12th and Mon 13th of nov 2012 and would like to go on a lava boat tour,could you let me know if either becomes available.

  50. Shane

    Monday November 12th is available.

  51. Shane

    No sunrise tours available unlit lava reenters the sea only sunset tours

  52. Shane

    All depends on the stage of the volcanoes eruption the Lava Boat Tours operate when lava is touching the sea & the volcano boat tours operate when flows are on the land

  53. Shane

    at this time only sunset tour offered

  54. Shane

    2.5 hours

  55. Kristin

    I am travelling to Hawaii in Oct and would like to book a sunrise lave tour on 18 Oct but your dates are blanked out. Does this mean you are not running tours then or will they become available soon? I really do not want to miss out on this tour.

  56. lavaocean

    we only book 3 months in advance due to everchanging lava conditions

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