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Big Island Waterfalls Boat Tour

Posted by on September 28, 2015

Big Island Hikes and Hawaii Volcano Tours are 2 of the most popular Big Island Tours in Hilo, however if you are seeking the best way to see Big Island waterfalls in Hawaii then check out this new exclusive Big Island waterfalls.  The breathtaking scenery along the Hamakua Coast sets the stage lush tropical landscapes, historical landmarks and our resident dolphins are all part of the adventure on this 3 hour 40+ mile Big Island waterfall adventure.  See cascading waterfalls flowing down the slopes of Hawaii Volcanoes.

One of a kind Hawaii Waterfall Tour on the Big Island

One of a kind Big Island waterfalls tour on Hawaii Island

Big Island Waterfalls in Hawaii

Watch as water crashes down from the towering seacliffs from your front row seat on a luxurious 40ft Aluminum catamaran “Lavaone.”  While out on a recent Hilo waterfall excursion I recall to two well traveled photographers saying “There are too many Big Island waterfalls to count” coined Demian Barrios and “This is the most Big Island waterfalls I’ve seen of anywhere in Hawaii.” Mr CJ Kale of Lava Light Galleries replied.

Maulua Gulch Hawaii Waterfalls

Maulua Gulch Hawaii Waterfalls

Maulua Gulch Waterfalls Big Island

Don Hurzler took this shot above of the north side of Maulua Gulch waterfall a favorite to coastal travelers since you can see it from Hwy 19 as you are heading to Waimea, but this upclose view can only be experienced from a boat waterfall tour.  When weather and swell permits this Hawaii Tour ventures all the way to Laupahoehoe Point the only harbor on the north side of Hawaii Island.

Laupahoehoe Point and small boat harbor

Laupahoehoe Point and small boat harbor

Laupahoehoe Point Dolphin Watching

The area is home to a fairly large pod of spinner dolphins as well recently we had more then 100 dolphins at play around the boat.  Nice thing is they are very curious since very few boats pass through this Hawaii coastline.  As for photography the compositions are unlimited this Ultimate Hawaii Waterfalls Adventure is a must do activity while visiting Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii Dolphins on the Big Island Waterfalls tour

Hawaii Dolphins on the Big Island Waterfalls tour

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